New Surly 4.8 Tires!

Sept 2012

Surly Bikes started the current fat bike craze in 2004 by first offering the original 3.7 Endomorph tire. In the last 2 years we've seen a number of new tires come out by Surly, but the new Lou and Bud look to be the most promising yet in terms of flotation and traction. This could be the most important new product in the Fat Bike world.  Expected availability late October.

Winter cycling shoe

New Winter Cycling Shoe by 45 North

Aug 2012

Nothing revolutionary here, but 45 North, a new winter cycling specific company created by Quality Bicycle Products (Salsa Cycles, Surly, Whiskey, Problem Solvers) came out a shoe specifically designed for cold weather riding.  Companies like Lake, Shimano, Northwave, Sidi, and Gaerne have had similar products out for years.  What makes the Wolvhammer stand out from the other options?  Nothing as far as we can tell other than hitting a hot market.  At $325 a pair…More coming soon


47mm snow rim

Another Fat Rim

​Aug 2012

Schlick Cycles introduces another fat rim option to what is starting to feel like a saturated market.  47 mm wide, single wall and cool looking cut outs.  No reports yet on the overall quality of the rim or more importantly how well a tire seats on it, but Schlick says it’s lighter than just about anything else out there in a similar size.   More coming soon.