The first Iditabike took place in 1987. Created by the infamous Dan Bull of Anchorage, the Iditabike went thorough numerous changes over the years and eventually became known simply as the Iditasport, which incorporated running, skiing, and biking categories into one race. 2002 was the last official year of the Iditasport and not long after, race founder Dan Bull who was due to appear in court over repeated DUIs went missing in the Chugach mountains never to be seen again in the state of Alaska. So ended the original Iditabike and Iditasport. While the original race no longer exists, a number of new winter ultra races have taken it's place.


The Alaska Ultrasport Iditarod Trail Invitaional beginning in 2002 stays closest to the original vison of a self-support, human powered race across AlaskaOwned and operated by Kathi and Bill Merchant, the Alaska Ultrasport is two races in one.  The largest and (usually)  most competive race is roughly 350 miles and goes from Knik Alaska to the village of McGrath Alaska on the north side of the Alaska Range.  Every year a handful of competitors continue along the full length of the Iditarod Trail to Nome Alaska.  This makes for a total of roughly 1100 miles. The route to Nome follows the Iditarod Dog Sled race's pattern of alternating between the Southern Route on odd years and the Northern route on even years. 


The Susitna 100 broke off from the Iditasport beginning in 2001. Throughout it's history it has followed several route variations all centered around the trails in the Susitna River valley making up the begininging of the Iditarod Trail.  Currently there is a 100 mile and 50 kilometer race option. 


The Arrowhead 135 began in 2005 and is a point to point, 135 mile course following the Arrowhead State Snomobile Trail.  It largely paralells Highway 53 in Minnesota.  Compared to any of the other races listed here, the Arrowhead 135 has consitantly seen some of the coldest temperatures on race day. 


The White Mountains 100


The Iditasport came on the scene in 2013 and